Klára Pokorná


Dec 28 at 09:24 PM

Omg, YAS! 👏
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Nah, staying with Netflix 📛
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Dec 18 at 01:23 PM

🎄✨XMAS Livestream!

Ready to sleigh your way into the holiday spirit? Join our annual Christmas Livestream Class and kickstart your day with the squad! 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♂️ It's all about good vibes, great flows, and celebrating the season with your favorite gang. 🌟 Let's make it a tradition – set your alarms and let's flow into the festive feels together! 🎁🥳

register here:  https://train.yogagang.com/programs/xmas-stream


Dec 06 at 07:24 AM


Stoked to see the love for our livestreams, guys! Exciting news: I'm heading back to Prague next week for our Xmas bash, marking the final YG Livestream from Bali. Don't miss out – set your alarms for Sunday 9 am CET! 🌟 #YGLivestream #XmasVibes

turn on notifications here: https://train.yogagang.com/programs/live-frombali


Nov 24 at 06:24 AM

Start your day with some Bali sun ☀️ 

We are back with our livestrams!

Save the date 26.11.2023 at 9am CET her on our training platform free for all our subscribers 🧡

Just set the reminder here and get ready for Sunday flow with Klara.


Oct 23 at 03:49 PM

Hey Gang! We have something cool and exciting coming for you! 

We will have our first ever Livestream from Bali here on our training platform ! So get ready on Sunday 9 am here !

Get ready for some fun sweaty class with epic view



Mar 30 at 02:45 AM

We have a new year Spring plan out! So gang if you are ready to start your wellness 14 days plan give it to go!

Jan 27 at 12:18 PM

Ok ! I will give it to you!!!!



Jan 26 at 12:03 PM

Hey Gang,

we have a question for you! What do you think about a brand new killer queen plan? 

Let us know so we can make some cool stuff for you 💥


Nov 03 at 06:46 AM

Let us know how you like the class! We have some more to come...


Nov 02 at 05:53 AM

Hey Gang,

we just released brand new classes! If you like slow, low-impact, and high-results workouts you will be in love. ❤️

Give it a try now!